Restoration of Antrim Pump Chamber


JPM Contracts Ltd undertook the restoration of basement pump chamber and tunnel unearthed during landscape excavation works at Antrim Castle Gardens. The discovered chamber consisted of access stairwell, entrance and tunnel network.

This incredibly unique project included

  • erect 1.2m high natural stone castellated walls around pumping house with glass roof for viewing into basement and pump
  • restore water pump
  • open up and reinstate existing tunnel
  • repair original fabric around entrances and stairs
  • reinstate original steps
  • restore existing gates
  • drainage
  • landscaping

Our highly-skilled experienced restoration team reused existing stones from original, sourced late 20th Century brick to match existing, sourced clay floor tiles. The walls and copings match existing taken from an old photograph. We transported Water Pump to our workshop for cleaning and restoration. We researched type of pump and era it was from (150 years old). Our team sourced materials, ensuring works were carried out in a manner that remained sympathetic to original building fabric, keeping with the historic and architectural significance.

The surrounding gardens remained open to the public throughout construction period; therefore works were carried out in a professional and sensitive manner, at all times being considerate to the public.

The tunnel with its featured integrated lighting is now a tourist attraction, allowing guided access into the Pleasure Gardens. The restoration works respect the historical interest, architectural form and detailing of the structure, considering the needs of the end user.