Repair and Restoration of Cumber Old Church


Cumber Old Church is the remains of an 18th Century Church of Ireland church built on the site of an earlier medieval (c. 400A.D. – 1100A.D.) church. There are numerous grave markers dotted around the graveyard dating from the 18th Century.  Cumber Old Church and Graveyard is a Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) Historical Monument of interest. This important ecclesiastical masonry monument is located within the Faughan Valley region, an area that forms 170² km of the rural Derry City & Strabane District Council area, along the banks of the River Faughan, an Area of Special Scientific Interest and Special Area of Conservation.

The works comprised:

  • Careful removal of residual vegetation and soil, and the treatment of stem/stumps/roots with an appropriate herbicide
  • Dismantling, rebuilding and consolidation of the church structure using approved reclaimed stone masonry and its incorporation into and matching of existing stone courses in the structure
  • Consolidation of wall edging and upper surfaces against moisture ingress by dismantling top course of masonry and the re bedding of stones, including recessed pointing.
  • Spot pointing of the walls
  • Protection of adjacent gravestones
  • Refurbishment of existing railings approx length 3m, and provision of new to match existing approx 3m
  • Rebuilding of 150m of perimeter walls to churchyard
  • Provision of new pedestrian path and gravel road to the site